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« Incidences » is a confidential newsletter entireley dedicaced to the economic and strategic aspects of the environment markets (water, waste, soils…). This newsletter, created in Belgium in 1993, is published only in french. « Incidences » is not a law journal. Nor a « purely technical » magazine. Still less a catalogue of company press releases or advertising in disguise. It is written by specialized and totally independent professional journalists, with vast experience in investigative techniques. The letter supplies information. It provides you with unpublished documents, exclusive data, summaries of analyses and hundreds of practical pieces of information that will help you in your everyday work. To understand the full reality and act. Exclusive news makes every issue of « Incidences » an event. The majority never make it into the mainstream news media.  We know how to be discreet: our readers always have the edge.

If many decision-makers (ministers, senior officials, company executives, trade unionists, etc.) have been subscribing to « Incidences » for years, and claim that they could no longer do without it, this is surely because this newsletter brings them four types of information:
Exclusive inside stories, indiscreet remarks, unpublished documents, often confidential, which allow readers to have an in-depth grasp of real situations and give them an edge.
Diagrams showing in great detail the structure of groups of companies operating in this market. These diagrams, which you just don't find elsewhere, are invaluable tools. They have contributed to making the reputation of « Incidences ».
Practical tools that others do not think of giving you (hundreds of addresses, names, diagrams, lists of Internet sites, etc.)
Summaries putting news into perspective, and bringing out the really important features, clear and precise educational dossiers, which always recap on the basic data so that nothing eludes you.

What will you find in « Incidences » ?

Company strategies for the environmental market

You need to be constantly aware who is operating in this market under which name(s), with what strengths and with what intentions. Who is buying out whom? Who is linked with whom? Who is getting ready to diversify into this area? Who should you be wary of? Who are potential partners?

A fluoroscopy of the environmental markets

Always be the first to know about contracts that are about to be launched. How are the markets evolving? What are the new niches in the market? Are they realistically achievable for you? What are the pitfalls? Who will your competitors be? Who are potential partners? What are their strengths?

The careers of the men and women at the helm

Follow the itinerary of the players in this market, step by step. Who has been appointed to which job? Who is moving from one company to another? Who is employing them? Essential items on their CV to find out about your partners and your competitors. And act with confidence.

Pressure groups in the spotlight

You should always know which game you are playing in. Who is involved behind the scenes in the decisions? What is the real influence of environmental conservation pressure groups? And what about their adversaries? How do the targets of their pressure react?

Political decisions currently in préparation

Find out in good time what is being planned at various political levels (State, Regions, Europe, etc.). What does the legislation look like? Which way is it moving?  What are the real concerns of politicians? What are the criteria that determine their decisions?

The behaviour of administrations and private staffs

Dialogue in full possession of the facts with officials and members of ministers' private staff. Do they really know you? How do they see the issues? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do their views match those of political parties?

Who should be reading « Incidences » ?

Primarily :

  • company executives in the field of the environment;
  • specialised consultants and managers of consultancies;
  • Environmental lawyers
  • decision-makers in companies that are working on a specific environmental strategy and/or an in-depth process of reflection about the environment ("green" products, desire to convey an image of a company that respects the environment, total quality procedures);
  • communication agencies who want to show their clients that they know what they are talking about when undertaking « green communication »;
  • in general, any businesses that are customers in the environment market, who want to know who they are dealing with;
  • decision-makers in government (ministers, members of parliament, heads of private staffs, senior officials, etc.);
  • managers of environmental conservation associations;
  • managers of banks, financial institutions and anyone who has to evaluate risks in the economic field;
  • trade union representatives, research departments, graduates specialising in the field

and anyone who really wants to know what is going on in the environmental field.

In practice

Every month (more if necessary), « Incidences » brings you 8 pages of densely-packed information: a feature article, exclusive inside stories, diagrams revealing the structure of groups of companies operating in the market, indiscreet remarks, a « Moniteur » watchdog on the Belgian official journal and various regular columns. One of the highlights is a fortnightly press review giving you the certainty of having a complete picture at all times of events in the sector that may prove important for you.

« Incidences » is distributed exclusively on subscription, by post. Our subscribers always receive the best possible service.

The price of quality and value-added

Highly specialised information is a rare commodity. That justifies the price of the subscription to « Incidences.  A very carefully calculated price, and less than the majority of similar newsletters in neighbouring countries. « Incidences » offers the best value for money in decision-making tools.